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Any college student may avail scholarships from the International Christian Scholarship Foundation subject to the policy and guidelines.


  1. An applicant must belong to a family whose gross family income does not exceed One Hundred Twenty Thousand Pesos (P120,000) per annum.
  2. An applicant must be a poor but deserving student.
  3. A certification from the community that the applicant belongs to the Indigenous Kalinga Tribe.
  4. Financial assistance shall be awarded for only one college per student.
  5. Priority will be given to full-time students working toward a college.
  6. Priority will be given to qualified applicants, however, men are also eligible.
  7. Priority will be given to students with majors in the following areas: Medical field, education, and Technology
  8. Scholarships will be granted to only one member of a family.
  9. ICSF recipients must maintain good academic standing.
  10. Possess Good Moral Character


  1. Willing to attain Sunday Mass of the UCCP twice a month.
  2. Willing to render service to the school
  3. Submit a copy of grades to the scholarship committee every end of the semester.

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