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            The School Chaplain is the chief associate of the President concerning the spiritual life of the institution. He/she is in charge of coordinating and supervising activities related to the spiritual nurturance of the constituents of the Saint Tonis College, Inc.

The Duties of the School Chaplain

            The specific duties of the School Chaplain are:

  1. Makes himself/herself available to the students as well as faculty staff members desiring his/her help. In performing this service, he shall bear in mind and respect the church affiliation of the individual. He/she shall be informed of any accident or other misfortunes befalling a member of the school community, which may call for spiritual service. He/she may make engagements for the services of a clergyman from another faith when this is desired;
  1. Initiates and undertakes activities like retreats, lectures, convocations, and the like, that would redound to the spiritual growth and development of the College constituency;
  1. Serves as ex-officio Director of the Department of Christian Education; and
  1. Performs such other duties as the President may assign him/her.

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