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            The Registrar shall have the charge of admissions, registration, consolidation of schedules of classes and examinations, preparation of the publications as catalogs directories, and announcements.

Roles and Functions of the Registrar

  1. Prepares and submits all reports as required by the Commission on Higher Education/Department of Education and other government agencies;
  1. Has custody of academic records of all students as well as government recognition papers and such other documents, which pertain to the approval of the curriculum of the College; and
  1. Evaluates the eligibility of students for graduation and submit a list of candidates eligible for graduation to the proper body.


            The Assistant Registrar has the following specific roles and functions:

  1. Assist the Registrar in her work especially on record-keeping;
  1. Directly report to the Registrar on the progress of her work regarding school records and students’ individual academic records; and
  1. Does the work which the registrar may assign to her from time to time.

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