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            The High School and Elementary Principals shall be appointed by the President on nomination of the faculty, staff, and studentry.

            The term of office of the Principals of the High School and Elementary shall be two (2) years from the date of their appointment unless sooner revoked, without prejudice to reappointment and/or until their successors shall have been appointed.

The Roles and Functions of the Principals

            The Principals shall assist the school head in the attainment of the objectives of the elementary or secondary education, and their functions and responsibilities are:

  1. To carry out school objectives and the policies of the governing board within the purvirew of existing laws, rules and regulations;
  1. To exercise educational leadership among his faculty members and to cooperate in activities for the uplifting of the community and the attainment of national goals;
  1. To supervise teachers to carry on the academic programs of the department or unit; and
  1. To carry out a definite program or progressive development in all significant aspects of school operations.

While the School Board or Heads are authorized to determine the principal’s specific functions and responsibilities, such duties are based on standard practice and usually include the following:

  1. To determine the authenticity of the admission credentials of pupils and students seeking enrollment or transfer;
  1. To draw up the school and class programs, classify students, and assign teachers;
  1. To recommend the appointment, promotion or dismissal of teachers to the President;
  1. To supervise teachers in classroom and administrative work and in co-curricular activities;
  1. To maintain reasonable order and discipline in the school, in-school campus and out-campus school-related activities;
  1. To administer adequate guidance and personnel services;
  1. To carry out well-planned in-service education for the faculty;
  1. To conduct a regular evaluation of students’ work in the light of the objectives of the school;
  1. To maintain wholesome public relations in the school, with other schools, and in the community;
  1. To coordinate with the curriculum committee on planning the courses of study and determine the selection of the school equipment and other instructional materials in consultation with the Department Heads; and
  1. To exercise functions and perform duties similar or analogous to those of the Dean of the college as provided for in the immediate preceding section.


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