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            The President should be a UCCP member and is the chief administrative and executive officer of the College. The term of office of the President is four (4) years unless sooner revoked with valid reason, without prejudice to reappointment for another term or until the successor is appointed.

            The powers and duties of the President are as follows:

  1. Carries out the policies laid down by the Board of Trustees and has power to act within the framework of such policies;
  1. Has general supervision of all business, financial, and all other operations of the College to insure effective, efficient, and economical results;
  1. Holds all officers, teachers, and employees to the faithful discharge of their duties and, if necessity arises, he shall, after consultation with the dean, administrative official or head concerned, initiate the necessary proceedings for the separation from service of any of them;
  1. Recommends to the Board of Trustees the hiring of suitable and qualified persons for teaching and staff positions as well as the promotion and dismissal of the same, provided, however, that he may fill vacancies temporarily or make such other arrangements to meet emergencies or as the situation may warrant. He shall sign all appointments to said positions;
  1. Presides at commencement exercises and other public functions of the College and confer such degrees and honors as authorized by the Board of Trustees. The President and the Dean or Head of the Academic unit conferring such degree or certificate shall sign all diplomas and certificates issued by the President;
  1. The official representative between the faculty, employees, students of the College to the Board of Trustees;
  1. Be the chief adjuster of all controversies brought to his office and resolve the same in the light of the larger interests of the College;
  1. Has general responsibility on the enforcement and observance of discipline in the College and for the maintenance of satisfactory academic standards in all sectors of the College;
  1. Has the power to amend, alter, modify, or disapprove any action or resolution of any college or school faculty or administrative official if, in his judgment, the larger interest of the College requires. In such case, the President shall communicate his decision in writing to the official or body immediately affected, stating the reasons for his actions and thereafter shall accordingly inform the Board of Trustees, which may take any action to it, may deem appropriate;
  1. Accepts the resignation of faculty members or employees;
  1. Approves the retirement of members of the faculty and employees;
  2. Prepares periodic reports to the Board of Trustees, and present to the Board the annual budget of the College, as well as the audited financial statement of the previous year;
  1. Submits to the Board long-range development plans of the College;
  1. Excuses and signs on behalf of the College all contracts, deeds, and other instruments necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the College unless otherwise herein provided;
  1. Approves all proposals for major changes in the curriculum or for additional courses provided;
  1. Has final approval on the Operational Policies formulated in any unit of the College;
  1. Has general supervision over all fund-raising activities in the College;
  1. Be consulted in the selection of campus speakers;
  1. Has the power to authorize expenses from miscellaneous items in the budget for necessary expenditures in the smooth operation of the College without further action by the Board of Trustees;
  1. Be a signatory for all checks of the College; and
  1. Have such other powers as are elsewhere provided in the Administrative Handbook or as may be authorized by the Board of Trustees and such as are usually pertaining to the Office of the President of a college. He may delegate in writing any of his specific functions to any office.

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