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             There are three (3) libraries in the College, one in every department, namely; the Elementary Department, the High School Department, and the College Department.

            Each Library is manned by a Librarian. Among the three (3) librarians, there among them was assigned the Chief Librarian and an Assistant Librarian.



            The Chief Librarian shall administer the College Library and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President. His/her specific functions are that, he/she:

  1. Takes charge of ordering, receiving, classifying, cataloging, safekeeping, and making available all library materials;
  1. Enforces the library rules and regulations and report to the President, through the Dean of Student Affairs, violations by students that may call for disciplinary action;
  1. Undertakes activities that will attract students to maximize the use of the library;
  2. Presents an annual report to the President on the needs, general conditions of the library; and
  1. Recommends to the President the appropriation for books, publications, equipment, materials, supplies, and other needs of the Library.


            The Assistant Librarian will have the following duties and functions, such that, he/she:

  1. Receives and checks books delivered;
  1. Types cards and slips, marks and prepare books for use;
  1. Shelves new and returned books and other library materials;
  1. Charges and discharges books and other library materials;
  1. Registers borrowers and maintains registration files; and
  1. Prepares library statistical reports.

Library Policies


            Good day!

            Please be guided with the following reminders in using the libraries;

  • Faculty members should encourage their students to make use of their libraries frequently and properly;
  • Faculty members should be realistic in giving assignments to the students. They should avoid giving assignments which are beyond the physical possibilities of the present collection;
  • A book should not be recommended for reading to the students if the only available in the library has been borrowed by the faculty member himself. In that case, the faculty member should first return the copy to the library before recommending the book to the students.
  • Every teacher should know the library resources to be able to give assignments using definite book titles.

The following rules should be observed when using the Library:

  1. Upon entering the area, please observe the following:
    1. Register your name on the logbook;
    2. Deposit personal belongings to the depository cabinet (umbrellas, bags, etc.), except writing facilities such as notebooks, papers, pencils and pens.
  1. To borrow books, borrowers have to:
    1. Fill out the borrower’s card personally and completely (date and name). Initiate and illegible signatures will not be accepted.
    2. Books must be borrowed personally and not through any representative (students, friends, relatives, etc.)
    3. Books should be borrowed directly from the Librarian only.
  1. Loan period
    1. No more than five books may be borrowed at a time.
    2. Books may be borrowed during the school year for a term of 10 months (for Elementary and High School Teachers) and 1 semester (for College Teachers), subject to recall by the Librarian if the book is in demand. Library notices will be sent to the faculty members whose books are long overdue.
    3. Books for class assignments will be placed on reserved upon the request of every faculty member.
    4. When intensive readings are made for the class, the material should be placed on the Reserved Section. These materials are made available for the largest number of students by limiting the loan period.
  1. A borrower is responsible for any damage or loss of books he/she borrows from the Library. Payment of lost books is based on the current price plus the cost of acquiring a replacement of the service. Lost books that are out of print will be charged double the price. The payment should be done at the Treasurer’s Office after the Librarian has given the assessed price, fines and processing fee.
  1. Reference books, pamphlets, newspapers and magazines are to be read only within the library. No faculty member is allowed to take these reading materials outside the Library.

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