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            The President shall appoint the Dean on recommendation by the faculty and students of the College. The term of office of a Dean, as well as other heads of different units shall be one (1) year from the date of their appointment, unless sooner removed, without prejudice to reappointment and/or until their successors shall have been appointed.

Functions of the Deans

            A Dean shall exercise the following functions:

  1. Exercises supervision over all activities both curricular and co-curricular within school;
  1. Acts as presiding officer of the faculty or college and exercise such other administrative duties in the college as the President may direct;
  1. Assumes leadership for the educational program of his college and institute a program of supervision designed to raise the efficiency of instruction;
  1. Be responsible for the general direction of the college in conformity with the policies of the institution;
  1. Supervises the admission and classification of students and their assignment to classes;
  1. Be responsible for the orderly behavior and discipline of students, faculty members, and employees within the college and cooperate with the Dean of Student Affairs in the general supervision and administration of the affair of the students of the college affecting their conduct outside the school, acquaint him/her with the facts of the case whenever the student is accused of a criminal offense in court; thereafter, he/she shall submit to the President, through the Dean of Student Affairs, progress reports of the case;
  1. Makes a written report to the President within 30 (thirty) days after the end of the academic year on the efficiency of the members of the department or division concerned;
  1. Consults with the division or department heads on any matter pertaining to the division or department concerned; and
  1. Transmits, with his comment and recommendation, all proposals affecting courses of study, instruction, scholarship, exchanges, offers of aid and similar matters received by his college or school from any source within or outside the College, as well as his own proposals on the aforesaid matters, to the President or whatever action the latter may deem proper.

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