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            The Dean of Student Affairs oversees co-curricular student activities and concerns. The term of office for the Dean of Student Affairs is two (2) years unless sooner revoked with valid reason, without prejudice to reappointment for another term.

Functions of the Dean of Student Affairs

            The specific functions of the Dean of Student Affairs are that, he/she:

  1. Implements all policies and decisions on student services formulated by the proper policy-making bodies;
  1. Coordinates the activities of various college units in charge of student services, activities, publications, and co-curricular activities;
  1. Represents the administration in the recognition of the Student Government and all other tertiary campus organizations, provided that the purposes of the organizations are not contrary to law, morals, public policy, and the existing rules on organizations of the College;
  1. Entertains and takes action together with the other members of the Committee on Student Affairs, on all complaints, orally or in writing, submitted by students against the school administration, officials, or employees thereof; and
  1. Conducts investigations and hearings in accordance with due process of law, together with other members of the Committee on Student Affairs, on all complaints against students.

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