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            The Finance Office is manned by the Finance Officer and his/her staff.


            The Finance Officer is under the supervision of the College President.

            The Finance Officer should be bonded. The term of office of the Finance Officer is two (2) years unless sooner revoked with valid reason, without prejudice to reappointment for another term.

The Roles and Functions of the Finance Officer

  1. Responsible for the financial affairs of the school and the collection of all current funds;
  1. Deposits all cash in bank and withdraw the same with the authorized signatures of all accounts of the school;
  1. Disburses funds according to the budget and with the approval of the school head;
  1. Prepares and submits financial reports to the President;
  1. Accountable for all funds of the school;
  1. Sees that records of accounts of students are kept up-to-date and posted in the students’ individual ledger, and students informed of their accounts due any given periodical examination;
  1. Manages and keeps all records of all property/assets of the school;
  1. Sees to it that accounts are audited annually by an accredited external auditor;
  1. Prepares and submits financial reports to the BOT;
  1. Chairs the Finance and Budget Committee; and
  1. Under his/her are the Property Custodian and Resources Generation Officer whose duties and functions be determined by the Finance Officer in consultation with the President and other senior officials of the school.

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