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Welcome to Saint Tonis College (formerly Kalinga Christian Learning Center)!

                A school located at the heart of Kalinga Province with a moniker of “a home away from home”, Saint Tonis College’s humble beginning dates back to 1968 when Tabuk Institute (founded in 1948) started an extension class in Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao to accommodate high school students in the area. This has developed into becoming Tabuk Institute Barrio High School in 1974 and, later on, Kalinga Christian Learning Center in 1983. When the school expanded her curricular offerings in college in 2004, the name of the school was changed into Saint Tonis College, Inc. (named after the Saint Toenis Church of the Protestant Church in Rhineland, Germany, one of our staunch supporters).

                Our curricular offerings from Basic Education to College showcase a diversity of choices that suit the needs of our students, training them to become God-fearing and resourceful citizens of the land. This speaks of our commitment to academic excellence with a faith component.

                Moreover, our school is the only school in Kalinga Province that offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

                Our community extension program is one that offers a grasp of the grassroots in an indigenous setting. We have a long standing project in SitioCatao, Lacnog, Tabuk City (a community of rebel returnees belonging to the Butbut Tribe, one of the fiercest tribes in Kalinga before). There, we were able build a school, a library, a domestic water supply, and a congregation, which is the UCCP Catao of the UCCP North Highland Conference). The development of the soul and the body (holistic) became the emphasis of our program in extension work.

                Our facilities are of modest structure with conduciveness for learning. Our faculty and staff are among the most dedicated and the finest in the province and in the region. Our administrators and staff complement the leadership of the school in ensuring the realization of our vision, mission and goals to reach out to the best and the brightest of the Cordillera.

                We offer student services that cater to the needs of our clientele. Scholarships coming from diverse sources are also accessible for those seeking education whose financial capabilities constrict them to pursue. Our Dormitory serves as a haven of security for our students especially in times of tribal conflicts.

                We enjoin you to come and be a part of this institution of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), one of the mainline Protestant churches in the Philippines – with affiliation with the Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, United Brethren and Disciples worldwide. Saint Tonis College is a partner in the mission of the UCCP and serves as the church’s arm in education ministry, particularly in providing quality education that is grounded on Christian values and tenets.

                Truly, Saint Tonis is “a school that frees the mind and shows the way, the truth and the life,” not only among the indigenous people of Kalinga but for those from outside the Cordillera who want to avail of its services.

                We promise you a robust foundation where faith is a guaranteed element; academic excellence is our watchword and community service especially among the least; and lastly, the lost is our ground work.

                We are waiting for you now!


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