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General and Specific Objectives:

The High School Department aims in general to train young adolescent boys and girls in the secondary level of education:

  • To become responsible and useful citizens of the country;
  • To equip students with basic knowledge to qualify for college work;
  • To equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for productive employment;
  • To provide opportunities to live by the Christian lifestyle as citizens dedicated to the Christian way of life; and
  • To become aware to the needs and feelings of others that they learn how to work, play, and live harmoniously with others and be of service especially to their own communities.

Why Choose Our High School?

  • We offer Grades 7 to 12;
  • Our Senior High School (SHS) offers two (2) tracks:
  • Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track, specializing in Cookery, Caregiving and Computer Software Servicing)
  • Academic Track (STEM), specializing in Science and Mathematics);
  • We have different laboratories with complete facilities:
  • An Integrated Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratory;
  • Home Economics Laboratory with Hot and Cold Kitchens
  • Our High School Library is equipped with audio-visual materials and a substantial quantity of books to support your highest level of learning.

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