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General Objectives:

            The Elementary School aims generally to develop the children into well-adjusted adolescents and prepare them to cope with the requirements of secondary school.

Specific Objectives:

  • To develop the children’s innate potentials by providing them with opportunities to participate in the academic, social, cultural, and artistic pursuits of the school;
  • To help the children develop a correct concept of themselves and their environment; and
  • To teach the children love of and service to God, country, and people through character-building and strengthening of spiritual and moral values.

Why Choose STCI Elementary School?

  • We have adopted the K to 12 curriculum;
  •  We offer Science and Computer subjects with Laboratory from Grades 1 to 6s;
  • Our laboratories have complete facilities suitable to the learning needs of your children
  • Home Economics Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Science Laboratory
  •  A well-structured Library has its Instructional Resource Center that caters audio-visual materials for your children and more.

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