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                A premier school committed to a life of faith, excellent learning, and responsive action for the students and the community.


                The school pursues the freeing of the mind and shows the way, the truth and the life.


  • To strengthen the youth in living out high moral conduct based on Christian principles;
  • To institutionalize school processes that provide opportunities for free expression of faith as a human being;
  • To protect and preserve the Cordilleran culture through stewardship of God-given resources;
  • To develop, nurture, and uphold academic excellence;
  • To enrich educational processes in the development of skills and competencies for a decent living; and
  • To enable communities to become aware and analytical of their potentials, needs and problems.

Institutional Outcomes

Based on the Vision and Mission of the school, a Saint Tonis graduate should be able to exhibit the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrates mastery of acquired knowledge, skills and attitude by his meaningful and high-quality performance of the work he/she is engaged in;
  • Express the pride of being a Filipino citizen and be able to extend supportive efforts in building a strong Filipino nation;
  • Possesses and applies understanding on how to preserve and protect the physical well-being of his fellowmen and the environment;
  • Communicates effectively by writing and speaking using culturally appropriate language;
  • Exercises work ethics and norms based on the laws of the land and Christian principles;
  • Relates with poor people with empathic solidarity and has a good relationship with the community people;
  • Displays and applies excellence through scholarly research and innovative works of art; and
  • Lives out his love for God through his relationship with others, and affirmed by his dedication to serve his community, country and God.

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